Located in Las Vegas, All City Pharmacy strives to deliver exceptional service on a daily basis, ensuring the safety of our patients. Their well-being is our primary concern. Our staff works hard to meet the specifications enabling them to remain in compliance with industry quality assurance standards as well as with our own criteria for excellence.

Our pharmacists are dedicated to their chosen careers, continuing their training in the quest for knowledge that can assist them in helping their patients successfully manage their medical conditions. Our unwavering ability to deliver premier services for our partners and patients is the reason behind our success.

Dedicated Quality Assurance Team

Here at All City Pharmacy, we employ a dedicated quality assurance team, giving our customers access to the highest level of care possible today. This team is responsible to maintain the quality of our products, while ensuring our facility maintains compliance with all industry regulations.

Safety Team

Our staff includes safety officers and a safety administrator who are responsible for educating our staff on the proper procedure to handle and remove hazardous substances safely.

Preventive Action Program

If a quality-related event occurs, our team is prepared to take action. They review an analysis of the root cause as well as monitor facility operations for proper activity.

Sterility Tests

In keeping with the guidelines of the USP <85> Bacterial Endotoxin guidelines as well as with the standards of the USP <71> Sterility Tests, our facility arranges for an independent analysis of each of our products to ensure their sterility. Our goal is to provide quality products at all times.

All City Pharmacy Training

Here at All City Pharmacy in Las Vegas, we provide extensive training to give our pharmacists the tools and background needed to perform well as leaders in the field of specialty medications. Our training procedures include:

  • Initial training and subsequent testing
  • Intensive training in lab techniques
  • Ongoing training (twice a year)
  • Educational seminars

All City Pharmacy operates in compliance with national industry standards at all times. Our facility utilizes an independent source to validate our capabilities regarding quality control and assurance. Our facility holds a valid license and proof that its compounding pharmacists are properly trained in procedural standards for maintaining the highest level of quality.

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