All City Pharmacy understands the importance of specialty care, which is why we offer essential tools that make the jobs of providers easier. Managing the medical conditions of your patients is important business that we take seriously. Here at our Las Vegas location, we offer more than access to specialty medications.

Our Provider Portal

One of our goals is to assist our partnered associates in handling patient care as successfully as possible. As a result, we strive to make it easier for you to make informed decisions about the healthcare steps needed to impact your patients’ conditions in a positive way. Our provider portal eliminates the need to make countless phone calls in order to access the information physicians need to make clear decisions. Our provider portal makes it easier to take better care of your patients while promoting the reputation of your medical practice.

Real-Time Updates

Being able to access patient’s medical information quickly is essential for providers, which is why we have taken the time to develop an intuitive dashboard that provides real-time data at your fingertips. The provider portal at All City Pharmacy offers constant access to the most current information regarding your patient’s medical treatment, including prescription status.

Responsive Dashboard

When a provider needs access to a patient’s medical information, having the ability to find what is needed quickly is important. You don’t want to spend time searching around for the links you need. Here at All City Pharmacy, we’ve designed an intuitive dashboard that provides fast access to everything you need to know. You can review your notes, find the status of prescriptions and refills, and monitor treatment from a single location. Plus, you can easily share the information when needed.

Customizable Capabilities

All City Pharmacy recognizes that everyone’s needs are different, including patients and providers. Therefore, we’ve worked diligently to create a responsive interface that allows you to customize it as well as the reports that are generated from it. Our connected providers have the option to select the type of patient information they want to see, allowing them to access the most relevant information available when they need to see it.

As a result, your time spent on the provider portal is streamlined. You never need to search through unwanted information to get the details you need. Instead, you can access customized reports using special tools, enabling you to stay on top of your patients’ medical treatment at all times without wasted time. You get the information that you need at the time when it is most important. Our provider portal is designed to create the best understanding possible between physicians and patient care.

The Benefits Offered by Our Provider Portal

Our provider portal offers the following great benefits for your medical practice:

  • Search capabilities – fast and easy
  • Prescription tracking – 24/7 access to medication status
  • Online capability – secure access from your computer
  • Patient reports – individual records on your patients
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