Ask the Pharmacist

If you are a patient with All City Pharmacy, you can submit a question for one of our pharmacists. To do so, you must complete the form on this page. A pharmacist will contact you with the answer. If your concern requires immediate assistance, we recommend that you contact your physician directly.

If your question has nothing to do with the usage of your medication, please submit your question using the form on the contact us page. Only current patients of All City Pharmacy are permitted to use this special service.

As a safety measure, please do not include personal details such as social security number, medical information, prescription number, or credit card number on the form. If you need to speak to a representative immediately, please call.

Find Your Account Manager

Our account managers are readily available during normal business hours. If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer or healthcare provider, please complete this form and submit it for a response. Here at All City Pharmacy, we strive to provide exceptional communication between our clients and our managers as the first link in a chain of quality services.

Our account managers are prepared to:

  • Speak with healthcare providers and drug manufacturers
  • Simplify administrative tasks
  • Assist your patients in therapy adherence and prescription management

Our account managers are available:

  • In your location
  • For your medical specialty

Rx Forms

Sending a request for your patients’ prescriptions to All City Pharmacy is easy when you access our online Rx forms. Simply complete the required information and submit it to us. If you need more information, please call us.

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