All City Pharmacy, which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, minimizes the frustration associated with getting authorization for limited distribution drugs. When specialty pharmaceuticals are needed, patients often need to acquire prior authorization to obtain them. In fact, prior authorizations have become commonplace in a world where manufacturers limit access to certain prescriptions as a normal part of doing business.

Why Are Prior Authorizations Needed?

When specialty drugs are required to treat a patient with a serious medical condition, the cost of the medication can be exorbitant. The higher expense leads to the need for prior authorizations. In order to curtail unnecessary expense, insurance providers have turned to prior authorizations to ensure the additional cost is merited. This practice makes it possible for insurance companies to keep an eye on the prescribing process without overstepping its boundaries.

How All City Pharmacy Assists

Our company handles prior authorizations for our clientele, ensuring a speedy, stress-free experience. In most cases, we expedite the process of obtaining prior authorization, enabling our partners to spend their time on other matters of importance, such as patient care.

Our Prior Authorization Team

Here at All City Pharmacy, an experienced team led by one of our pharmacists manages the task of obtaining prior authorization for patients. Not only does this free up a large amount of time each day for our partners, but it also minimizes the downtime that’s created when several phone calls are required.

Our team of experts is knowledgeable and highly trained, enabling them to completely fill out the required forms to receive prior authorization in a minimal amount of time. Not only do we save time for our partners, but we also speed up the process of giving patients access to the prescriptions they need to treat their medical conditions.

Quality Results

Each year, our team handles thousands of prior authorizations. The majority of requests are approved quickly, thanks to our efficiency and knowledge. In fact, as close to ninety percent of the forms that we submit are approved in any given month. Our expertise allows us to complete each request and obtain approval in an average of just over two days.

Prior Authorization and the Cost of Specialty Drugs

On occasion, one of our patients is struggling to meet the high cost of treating certain medical conditions with expensive drugs. When this happens, we work hard to see if we can find a financial assistance program to enroll them in so they can obtain their medications without creating an undue burden on their finances. Two of our options include non-profit organizations as well as drug manufacturers themselves. In most instances, we continue to request prior authorization while looking for financial assistance.

If you have any questions regarding prior authorizations, please call us during business hours. One of our representatives will be more than glad to take your call.

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