All City Pharmacy, which is located in Las Vegas, works hard to give patients easy access to their prescriptions at all times, while also helping to keep them in touch with their physicians. We believe this ability is even more important when serious or chronic medical conditions are involved. Therefore, we’ve designed our patient portal to be intuitive, all-inclusive, and easy to use.

What Does Our Patient Portal Provide?

Our patient portal is designed specifically with our patients in mind. It provides access to the information you need 24/7, while also enabling easier refilling of your specialty prescriptions. The portal is designed specifically with patients in mind. It allows patients to do all of the following:

  • Manage prescriptions (allows you to transfer your prescriptions from one pharmacy to another)
  • Refill prescriptions (order from any device)
  • Access refill information (review medication details such as prescription expiration, medication expiration, and number of refills remaining on each prescription)
  • Get information on pick-up or delivery status (text notifications)
  • Store physician’s contact information (manage appointments and add new doctors)
  • Create reminders for healthcare tasks (texts to let you know that it is time to reorder your medication)

The Advantages of Real-Time Updates for Patients

Typically, when a patient looks for their medical information, there’s a reason behind the search. Providing immediate, real-time data is important not only to us but to our patients as well. We are proud of our ability to offer continual updates on the status of prescription refills as well as other medical data.

Benefits of a Responsive Dashboard

We understand the value of implementing responsiveness into our patient portal. After all, why should your search for information be filled with frustration and difficulty? Here at All City Pharmacy, we’ve simplified every aspect of our website, making it easier to use for everyone.

The Value of Customizable Capabilities

Customization offers user-friendly access to the details that are most important to our patients. We allow you to select which information is relevant to you.

Overall Benefits Offered by the Patient Portal

Our patient portal makes life easier for patients who have more important things to do than search for prescription or physician information. It provides a single online location for patients to manage every aspect of their medication (management, refills, and status), keep track of all doctor appointments (day and time), and manage notifications for refills, fulfillment of orders, and appointment scheduling. It provides:

  • Search features enable fast and easy access to the information you need when you want it.
  • 24/7 prescription tracking delivers immediate access to the status of your medication.
  • Online access allows you to see your data from anywhere, securely from your computer or mobile device.
  • Our patient report section creates individual records for patients, offering real-time access to important medical information.

If you have any questions about the patient portal at All City Pharmacy, please contact us.

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