All City Pharmacy offers compassionate service for patients regardless of their ability to pay for their prescriptions. We are partnered with non-profit companies, drug manufacturers, and insurers, enabling us to connect our patients with the help they need to pay for expensive drugs. Our staff strives to simplify the process of finding an affordable way to purchase your medication so that you can get to the business of managing your health.

The High Cost of Medications

Each year, healthcare costs continue to rise for many Americans across the country. Specialty medications, in particular, can be quite costly. In fact, healthcare bills are often cited as the reason why so many families are faced with bankruptcy and the possibility of losing their homes. Unfortunately, the high cost of treating certain diseases places a financial burden on families struggling to survive. All City Pharmacy recognizes this issue and works hard to assist patients in finding the help them need to remain compliant with their medication.

Need-Based Financial Assistance

When our patients show that they need financial assistance, our compassionate staff works hard to connect them with programs designed to alleviate the expense of acquiring essential medications for the treatment of serious diseases. Many of the support programs are available through foundations and the manufacturers of specialty drugs. If you believe that you need financial assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. We are able to facilitate help for a majority of our patients – at least 50% of them.

Patient Assistance

In addition to financial services, our staff can connect our patients with the following opportunities:

  • Education on specific diseases
  • Monitoring of compliance with treatment
  • Guidance in maintaining compliance with therapy requirements
  • Training on the proper way to deliver an injection
  • Education on common side effects associated with specific medications as well as guidance on how to reduce the impact of unwanted reactions
  • Monitoring patient dosages through laboratory records

Our staff is available on a 24-hour basis so that our patients are never left with unanswered questions. Please contact us if you have clinical questions for our pharmacists or if you have a pressing matter related to your prescription.

How Can You Get Help?

If you need financial assistance, please talk to one of our representatives. It is possible that we have access to a program for which you qualify. We’ll take the information we need to submit the application for you, completing the process in a timely manner. We have been able to assist our patients through the following programs:

  • Co-pay cards
  • Manufacturer patient assistance
  • 501©(3) foundations

All City Pharmacy is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are dedicated to our patients and work hard to find them the financial assistance needed to make expensive prescription therapy more affordable. In many cases, your insurance provider will pay part of the cost to purchase your prescriptions, particularly if you receive prior authorization.

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