Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves more than simply taking your prescriptions according to schedule. All City Pharmacy recognizes this fact, so we work hard to give our patients access to a variety of educational materials in an effort to enhance their well-being in the future as well as during the present.

Our educational resources include:

  • The latest information presented in webinars
  • Detailed presentation of case studies
  • Mobile tools providing access to pertinent health information
  • Educational publications created by the staff of All City Pharmacy
  • Instructional presentations regarding relevant strategies for patient care
    • Our Mobile Apps

      Our mobile health tools are designed to enable our patients to comply with all aspects of managing their medication usage and treatment strategies as provided by their physicians. In particular, some of our mobile apps provide information taken from research studies regarding the positive impact that medication adherence apps can provide when the patients use them.

      Mobile App Capabilities

      Our patients can access the latest innovations regarding medications and adherence with treatments. Some of the features offered by mobile apps include:

      • Access to online portals
      • Access to account managers with All City Pharmacy
      • Ability to locate referral forms
      • Updated guidelines and suggestions for management of symptoms and disease
      • Access to information regarding prescription dosage
      • Access to medication indications
      • Information on latest treatment news for patient’s medical problem
      • Advantages and disadvantages of suggested treatment
      • Regimen comparisons

      Mobile Treatment Guides

      Downloadable guides ease the process of remaining compliant with your treatment strategy. Reference charts offer valuable information that can enhance desired effects of following your dosage strategy. Patients can access the answers they need while trying to maintain their therapy goals.

      Mobile Health Benefits

      Technology offers one of the most innovative methods of achieving patient adherence with suggested medical treatment. Here at All City Pharmacy, we are dedicated to helping our patients in every way possible, so we embrace the benefits offered by mobile health options today. As part of this effort, we provide case study information related to:

      • Adherence apps
      • Methods of measuring adherence success
      • Statistics related to discontinuation of adherence
      • Overview of available mobile apps
      • Patient satisfaction with mobile apps

      If you would like more information regarding the educational resources available at All City Pharmacy, please contact our staff. Someone will be more than glad to assist you in getting the details you require to make an informed decision regarding your care.

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