As a specialty pharmaceutical company, All City Pharmacy provides services for a small percentage of the population. These individuals have conditions that are serious, chronic, and, in many cases, rare. Examples of the diseases requiring specialty drugs include most types of cancer, rheumatoid, multiple sclerosis, and hemophilia.

Compliance with Therapy

Due to the limited patient population requiring medications to treat these diseases, the medications are cost prohibitive. Nonetheless, it is important for each person to remain compliant with their treatment in order to minimize the effects of their medical problems. If they fail to continue their prescribed therapy, the consequences are typically dangerous, life-threatening, and expensive. In fact, adherence might be the only thing standing between the patient and survival.

Adherence can deliver each of the following benefits:

  • Enhanced well-being
  • Lower overall costs for patients and the healthcare industry
  • Reduction in readmission rates for certain medical conditions

Non-adherence Problems

A number of challenges are associated with the lack of adherence on the part of patients with rare, serious, or chronic conditions. The failure to take prescribed medication in accordance with the physician’s recommendations impacts several aspects, including:

  • Poor clinical outcome
  • Progression of the disease and its symptoms
  • Incidents placing the patient’s life at immediate risk
  • Development of health complications that could have been prevented
  • Hospitalization
  • Increased overall cost for the patient’s care
  • Greater overall cost within the healthcare industry

How Does All City Pharmacy Promote Adherence?

At All City Pharmacy, our staff strives to deliver the best of care to all of our patients. This task is best accomplished by helping these individuals to find ways to remain compliant with their medications in order to treat their diseases successfully. As part of a trusted team of advisors, our pharmacists provide guidance and encouragement whenever possible. When requested, we can provide individual counseling regarding the use of your medication.

Our staff fully understands the importance of promoting patient adherence with treatment guidelines. Therefore, we always encourage patients to follow their physician’s therapy recommendations. In our efforts to do so, our Las Vegas pharmacy provides each of the following:

  • Mobile access to prescriptions, including ordering refills and checking on the date when you can obtain a refill
  • Access to research results from adherence case studies, including ones featured by the National Institute of Health
  • Special options designed to promote adherence, such as the use of light or sound

Poor adherence affects more than the patient. It also creates a negative impact on the health industry providing prescriptions, therapies, and treatments. In order to continue providing manufacturers with the ability to continue researching new and better drugs, it is important for all people to remain compliant with the use of their medication.

Our team works hard to facilitate the approval process for your medications from the authorization form to the prescription to financial assistance to the delivery process. Call us for more information or if you’d like to order your specialty prescription.

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